My Best Friend is Getting Married

One week from today one of my dearest friends will be joined together with her love for a lasting partnership that has long been in the making. To say I am filled with joy for her would be an understatement. We met about eight years ago while at grad school – just two American girls trying to find our way in a foreign country, both equally looking to broaden our cultural horizons while at the same time enrich our youthful minds by dropping some international relations knowledge. Originally determined to make friends with non-Americans, it wasn’t until halfway through the school year that we found each other and the bond was instantaneous. I found a kindred soul halfway around the world and a true friend who I have been able to count on whenever in need.

I owe a lot to her. She has challenged me to be better and stronger, letting me know I should never just settle in life. When she went away to advocate for peacebuilding overseas, the steadfastness with which she met her mission head on, even in the face of overwhelming violence and stress, made me love and respect her all the more.

Throughout the years, she has remained the unwavering romantic in the face of various hardships and times of stress. Her life has been transient ever since we both settled in DC over six years ago as she has spent a considerable amount of time living and working overseas, as well as traveling between states here at home for friends and family. Always on the go, she has kept her eye on the proverbial prize – happiness.

Maybe that’s why I have been doing mental joyous gymnastics every time I remind myself she is getting married. For all her hard work and by keeping one hand firm on love, she is about to experience one of the happiest days of her life. And for that I couldn’t be more grateful.

So, my dear friend, this one is for you:

On this day you walk alone,
but as of tomorrow you’ll have a home.
Your heart will warm each morning light
to have your love within your sight.

His arms will be all you need,
to give you shelter at your heed.
Hands that wipe away your tears,
a touch of love to calm your fears.

With the ring placed on your hand,
you will be joined together just as planned.
I wish you well with joyous yell,
As I wave goodbye in fond farewell.

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