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Lebanon’s trash crisis is Hezbollah’s chance for a power grab

Originally posted on The News Hub, August 30, 2015. Dysfunctional politics, a country in crisis and without a president, Lebanon has stumbled face first into a veritable pile of political garbage. The continuing trash crisis that erupted into violence last Wednesday has pushed an already-strained government into a forceful confrontation with the growing mass of […]

Trump’s lead still doesn’t mean a general election win and here’s why

Trump’s rejection of the Republican donor base and one-hundred-percent reliance on his own wealth for campaign funding has allowed him the freedom to pander to the worst of the worst with extreme, sexists, and racist statements that appeal to a small fraction of the voting population. His larger than life persona coupled with a media […]

My body is not for policing: how sexism takes the wheel in the drive to ban abortion

Abortion has emerged as a leading rallying cry for the GOP conservative right at a time when Americans are increasingly expressing pro-choice views; yet they show zero signs of driving cautiously. Instead, in the fight to wrestle support from the ever dwindling base, GOP contenders are choosing to turbo-charge their rhetoric. Fealty to God is […]

Sexual Violence as Weapon of War: The ISIS Brand

Uncharted territory, gender fluidity, new positions and places or perhaps a well-rehearsed routine that still manages to bring each partner to the brink of orgasm. Sex can be all things wonderful and transformative. It can be intimate, a sacred bond between two people or a BDSM contract for the more adventurous at heart. It can be an everyday […]

Common Sense Gun-Control and Hollywood Flare

It’s a testament to star power. Last week Amy Schumer sat down with Jon Stewart during his final week as host of the “The Daily Show” to talk sex, vacation-hopping with JLaw, her summer smash hit “Trainwreck” – and gun-control. It was a deviation from her usual bawdy humor and twitter-worthy sex statements but it […]


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