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Removing the Burden of Cost from Sexual Assault Survivors

When it comes to a woman’s body it seems the entire world is out to make a profit off of it. Women are told what clothes to buy, face creams to use, and what to inject into or remove from their body to achieve the perfect ideal figure. When it comes to more intimate aspects […]

Battle Of The Apps: How Some Online Dating Companies Are Breaking Gender Stereotypes

Originally posted on Thirty on Tap, March 7, 2016. When online dating first appeared on the scene, people sneered at it in overtly loud tones while simultaneously whispering, as they were curious about whether or not it would provide them with a new avenue to find a life partner. And as more and more millennials […]

Having a Two-Four in Cowtown – My Family Trip to Canada

What an amazing couple of days! Usually people come back from a vacation rested and content with their travels, but not me! My sleep-deprived body and blurry eyes are the results of unbelievable fun and adventure that I was lucky enough to experience these past four days in Alberta, Canada. This was a trip long […]


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