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Trapped in a world full of repetition and wishing for something better, I am a thirty-year old woman who fancies herself as someone important. Reckless with my own heart and never afraid to say what I think, I spend my days as desk jockey for the corporate world, but at night I am adventurer, clumsy writer, coffee guzzler, and newbie rock climber.

My passions extend to all things great, sad, different, and unattainable. Like most people in the world I want to see and do more, travel to the unknown places, try the strange foods, and enjoy life as much as possible. I was that kid who hauled around a backpack full of books that kept my memory sharp and fantasies alive and never backed down from a dare even if it resulted in scraped knees or an embarrassing memory. I grew up wanting to be either a contemporary writer or human rights lawyer. As an undergrad I was lucky enough to have wonderful professors who encouraged me to break away from my comfort zones. By the time I was twenty-two I found myself living in London attending grad school at the University of London. Not only did I meet wonderful people who have become life-long friends, but I also got to explore a bit of the world on my own and discover that there is so much more out there than what you read in books or see on TV.

For now, I find myself one of the many lucky residents of the city of San Diego. As a native Southern Californian the city provides the comforting feeling of home. The vision – to establish myself for the time being, making San Diego my future home base. The mission – to travel the world and once again live abroad. The guiding principles – write, write, write, and write. Document everything. Comment on the world, love, sex, politics, and the randomness that seems to drive most of our life decisions.

Where you can find me:

Thirty On Tap
The News-Hub

And for those who have a slight nerdy and bookish side like I do, I’ve recently started a new blog that provides book reviews and as well as my own writing: BookingTimeToRead. Come on over! And follow me at Twitter (@Kris2Leigh).


  1. Love your writing style and attitude.. very inspiring.


    1. Thank you! Any kind of feedback is always appreciated. If there’s a particular topic you like please let me know.

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  2. This sums you up perfectly! You inspire me with your kooky and genuine insight on the world.

    Liked by 1 person

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