Is Trump afraid of strong black women?

Trump has spent the better part of his campaign for the presidency maligning everyone from Bernie Sanders to Ted Cruz to Jeb Bush to Hillary Clinton. He’s attacked disabled reporters, celebrities, and female media figureheads with a viciousness that hasn’t been seen in modern politics. It seems that there isn’t anyone that Trump isn’t willing to attack – except when it comes to powerful black women.

While he watched the DNC Convention from afar, he wasn’t afraid to let his vitriol and conspiracy lies fly forth from his fingertips. He leveled attacks at pretty much every speaker that graced the stage. That is, except for Michelle Obama. Now it’s safe to state that her speech was probably the best one of the night. Even conservative pundits and GOP operatives stated as much. This would seem to invite a strong response from Trump – he always lashes out at those who either steal the spotlight from him or ridicule him. His ego is just that fragile. Instead all anyone heard was crickets.

It’s been three months since the DNC Convention. The race has gotten nastier, the lies more blatant. We have finally reached a point where it is obvious that Trump has zero shot of winning the presidency. His dismal showings in the first two debates have driven undecided independent voters away from him. The recent revelations about his sexual predatory braggery has alienated women voters in all political camps. And his response? Like a feral dog backed into a corner or an arsonist with sociopathic tendencies, Trump’s plan is to burn the political foundation beneath his feet and he doesn’t care who he takes down.

One of the strongest rebukes for his sexually violent behavior has come from Michelle Obama. Her address came from the heart and every woman out there who has ever felt uncomfortable beneath the eyes of a stranger or have felt their body touched on a bus or just walking on a crowded street couldn’t help but feel reassured by her words and disgust with this man’s actions and words. I fought back tears and instead embraced the rage and frustration I have felt well up inside of me ever since I first heard that hot mic recording.

The fact that Trump has used entrenched rape culture tactics (blaming the women, calling them liars, and labeling himself the real victim) is not surprising. His reputation is on the line. Before his bully tactics could be dismissed as typical base pandering but this is different. This could have lasting impact on his “trump brand” and he knows it. So he is attacking with the full force of his lawyers and with use of the 24/7 spotlight he has enjoyed since first descending that elevator. And yet he still won’t push back against Michelle’s statement.

Why is he so afraid to confront her? Is it because she’s FLOTUS? Is it because she has one of the highest popularity ratings of any public figures out there? Or is it because she is a successful and intelligent black woman? He has already proven that he is willing to attack well-known and powerful women without restraint. From Hillary Clinton to Elizabeth Warren to Megyn Kelly and Rosie O’Donnell. The one thing they have in common is that they have both criticized him and that they’re white. Michelle is not.

I honestly cannot provide you an answer as to why she is the one person he has let go “unpunished” and non-maligned. I can only speculate. And after watching one of the craziest election cycles I have ever seen or read about come to a near-close my hypothesis is that powerful black women are unknowns to him. And the unknown frightens him. They have had to fight both sexism and racism throughout the history of our country and have grown united and strong because of those combined experiences. What can he say to them that hasn’t already been said before? What can he do that they haven’t already endured? The answer is nothing. And so, to me, I believe he is scared of them. Scared of their pushback and unwillingness to take his insults lying down.

So to all the intelligent, successful, and strong black women out there I say bravo. Keep it up and continue to fight back and make your voices heard. You will help us drown out the dangerous stupidity that is Donald Trump. And to our great lady, Michelle Obama, thank you for all you do and say. Right now it is needed more than ever before.

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