Making History, One Vote at a Time

Sometimes it takes an extraordinary candidate to cut through an almost insurmountable pile of bullsh*t.

After Tuesday’s primary results, it’s clear that Hillary Clinton has finally taken on the mantle of the Democratic nominee. Despite some of the continued kicking and screaming coming from the Bernie side, she has now won a majority of states, delegates, and popular vote. Her title is cemented. And history has been made.

I’ll admit it didn’t really hit me until this morning that last night was the first time in America’s history that a woman leads a major party ticket for the presidency. And I got to be a part of that. All I can say is wow.

Sure I saw the Twitter feeds and Facebook posts engulf my phone last night. I saw the congratulatory statements, pictures of women in tears, and all-around general hoopla that was doled out. People captured their votes in pictures and videos. And Clinton herself gave one of the better speeches of her political career when she stopped playing coy and grabbed the nomination – this following last week’s speech eviscerating Donald Trump that showed her authentic self and the type of unrelenting fight we should come to expect from her. But it wasn’t until I woke up and saw the headlines truly solidifying her status that it hit me. My vote did that.


Courtesy Laura Olin on Jun 7, 2016 (Twitter @lauraolin)

And now it’s time to move beyond the primary fight. There really isn’t a leg for Bernie to stand on and all his blustering and refusal to bow out does is hand over votes to Trump. I get it, I do. No one likes to admit defeat. He fought a hard fight. But part of what makes a good politician a truly great and effective politician is to move beyond their own self-image and hurt feelings. He changed the debate. He made progressive domestic causes and economic policies take a center stage and he should be happy. This campaign is not about one man’s ego but the future of a party and its progressive cause.

While Sanders continued his one-line attack against the “corrupt” establishment Clinton found her voice. She made the campaign about the people and state of the country and that is what people responded to. There is a reason she has consistently polled incredibly well with multiple demographics; and by turning her attention towards Trump and away from Sanders she moved beyond party fighting and presented a message that the majority in the Democratic Party responded to. This is where Sanders failed and the reason why Clinton won.

Her attack line against Trump isn’t one he is going to be able to escape either. It’s not just about policy people, it’s about ethics. It’s about the lies Trump has told, the embrace of racism, sexism, and all out xenophobic proclamations he has used to divide the country, and the fact that much of his business relies on fraud, scams, and predatory practices he has willfully employed on the middle class. According to Trump, America is “weak” and “a loser”. He picks fights with anyone who disagrees with him and embraces civil rights violations, press restrictions, and violent rhetoric as cornerstones of his platform and campaign strategies. He labels women as “fat pigs” and Mexican immigrants as “rapists and murderers”. He praises Putin and eviscerates our friends across the pond. For Trump America is in the pits.

For Clinton, America is a beacon.

Maybe that’s why Trump has promised a bombshell speech against “the Clintons” and not just Hillary. He knows he cannot take her one-on-one so he will try his utmost best over the next five months to tie her and Bill’s past failings together as if they are one and the same candidate. But they are not.

And as Clinton concluded last night:

“Whether you supported me or Senator Sanders or one of the Republicans, we all need to keep working toward a better, fairer, stronger America … As we look ahead to the battle that awaits, let’s remember all that united us.”

Bring it Trump.



  1. Sally Maxwell · · Reply

    I was expecting this today! lol…

    On Wed, Jun 8, 2016 at 12:17 PM, selectivelyattentive wrote:

    > selectivelyattentive posted: “Sometimes it takes an extraordinary > candidate to cut through an almost insurmountable pile of bullsh*t. After > Tuesday’s primary results, it’s clear that Hillary Clinton has finally > taken on the mantle of the Democratic nominee. Despite some of the contin” >


    1. I couldn’t NOT post. It’s a big day. Such a great milestone. 😀


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