Instead of $53 million to Kanye how about $56 million to WHO to combat the Zika Virus

Mind the rant people but it had to be said. Kanye’s “woe is me tale” is shameless pandering for a public bailout and increased album sales.

$53 million dollars. That’s the number that has sent the internet into a feeding frenzy this past week. In typical fashion, Kanye West dropped his new album while simultaneously revealing that he is $53 million deep in personal debt.

Not only is that a nauseating amount of money for most people to comprehend but Kanye chose to announce his tale of personal struggle in a twitter plea for Mark Zuckerberg to loan him $1 billion dollars. Are you kidding me?! Even if Mark takes his request seriously, I would be shocked that any responsible business person would be willing to lend such an obscene amount of money to someone who obviously can’t even manage his own finances. There isn’t a chance in hell that Mark would ever see that $1 billion repaid, let alone standard interest on the loan. And with the way Yeezy Season fashion is going, it wouldn’t be the smartest business investment either. Who wants to buy only tan-colored clothing?

I am not a fan of Kanye West. He is rude, mean-spirited, abrasive, and often times comes off with this self-prescribed smugness that everything and anything should be given to him without question. Just take his pre-Grammy rant that he wouldn’t attend unless promised the Album of the Year award. Forget about all the other artists in the room who worked just as hard as him or even more so to get their albums listed for the coveted award. No, it’s all about Kanye. He’s the man, the greatest. Honestly, his type of promotional verbal vomit reminds me of another self-promoting celebrity currently making the round this year. Dare I say it – Trump. My advice to Kanye, instead of asking for a free handout maybe you should sit down with fellow businessman Trump and discuss the responsible step of declaring bankruptcy. When it comes to it, no one knows how to survive a bankruptcy quite like him.

Kanye’s stunt didn’t shock me. I wouldn’t expect anything less of him. But what has bothered me is that someone set up a GoFundMe page to help alleviate Kanye of some of his debt. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem to be picking up steam. Instead, I would ask that people submit donations to a true cause. The World Health Organization just announced that it would need $56 million to combat the Zika Virus through June.

For that reason, I’ve created a GoFundMe page for the PAHO Foundation, which works hand-in-hand with the World Health Organization to combat pandemics and emergency situations, like the spread of the Zika Virus. If you can’t contribute please share with your friends and social media connections and groups. Tweet! Share! Facebook it! This is an important and serious issue people. Kanye’s can wait.


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  1. […] Source: Instead of $53 million to Kanye how about $56 million to WHO to combat the Zika Virus […]


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